We take traffic and transport online

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making a mark in traffic and transport monitoring.

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Mobility Sensing is leading the way by developing, deploying and operating new generation IoT sensor networks.

Combining the latest Internet-of-Things and sensor technology, we smarten up roads and waterways. Our sensor networks provide you with live actionable data on the state and use of every nook and cranny of your transport network.


Our sensor networks are based on compact, fully autonomous, ultra-low-power IoT sensor pods, that are easy to install and budget friendly to operate.

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This allows us to deploy and operate high resolution sensor networks, producing rich live data on the state and usage of your complete transport network.

Your Benefits

Fact-based infra design and policy making

Rich, high-resolution historic data on traffic flows for fact-based traffic planning and infrastructure design.

Data-driven upkeep and repair

High resolution state and performance data per link and node of the transport network allow for efficient planning and prioritization of maintenance work and repairs.

Instant infra management

Live warnings on any anomaly imaginable in the transport infrastructure, allow for immediate action to keep the transport network and assets in shape, and traffic moving.

Live management and control

Live data on traffic flows, allow for real-time warning, nudging and rerouting of traffic.

Our Live Data

Boats counted

Cars counted

Bridge openings counted

The counters on this website get updated every 30 minutes.
Our actual Mobility Sensing Dashboard provides you with realtime data.

Our Solutions

Select a solution to find out what sensing options we have developed to optimize your business processes.

Smart Traffic Monitoring

Count traffic on every street with our economic road sensors.

Smart Gritting

Find out how our road sensor data help you combat winter conditions on your road network.

Smart Waterways

Take your waterway online with our suite of nautical sensing solutions.


See how our experts can work with you to improve your business processes.

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