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Mobility Sensing becomes partner of DMI ecosystem

As partner, Mobility Sensing actively participates in the Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem, a collaborative initiative that involves businesses, knowledge institutes, G40 and G4 municipalities, provinces and the Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Interior and Kingdom Relations, all operating under a unified Agreement System. Leveraging our IoT sensor technology, we generate live

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Two boats on their way to pass below the Magere Brug crossing the Amstel river.

Over 2 million bridge openings registered

We have achieved another wonderful milestone at Mobility Sensing. Our BridgeSense bridge sensors have already registered more than 2 million bridge openings. And did you know that all the reported bridge openings in the Netherlands are distributed via Blauwe Golf Verbindend and the National Road Traffic Data Portal to all popular traffic information and navigation

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BridgeSense maintenance round completed

In the month of May, a national maintenance round of BridgeSense took place. As part of the NDW contract, we visited no less than 169 bridges for maintenance, from Weert to Den Helder and from Rhoon to Nieuweschans. During the maintenance round we also installed 186 new sensors, including an innovative solar-powered light sensor and

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Another expansion of the StreetSense network in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

At the end of April, 8 new StreetSense sensor devices were installed in the new district “Noordoosthoek”. So another further expansion of the StreetSense network of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. For a number of years, the robust road surface sensors have provided valuable information about traffic flows and the condition of the road surface in other areas of

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BoatSense contract for Zuid-Holland waterways extended by 1.5 years

Great news this month: the contract for monitoring on almost all main waterways has been extended by 1.5 years by the Province of Zuid-Holland. Mobility Sensing has been monitoring the main waterways in the Province of Zuid-Holland for a number of years. BoatSense has been operational on the Gouwe and Oude Rijn since 2018 and

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bridgesense installatie

Even more bridge data available for road users

At the beginning of January and entirely according to plan, the sensor installation on another 110 bridges in the Netherlands was completed. The BridgeSense sensors are designed to bring any movable bridge online. Any status change of the bridge’s country signals and barriers is immediately reported. Good news for road users because they can be

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Mobility Sensing wins new tender for reporting bridge openings to NDW

Mobility Sensing has once again been selected as data partner for the collection and delivery of bridge data (bridge-open / bridge-closed). This concerns 110 bridges belonging to municipalities, provinces and Rijkswaterstaat. The BridgeSense sensor technology used for the National Road Traffic Data Portal (NDW) is specially designed to immediately and reliably report bridge openings. In

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heat stress

Valuable data to combat heat stress on road surface

Our IoT sensor technology provides important actionable data to combat urban heat stress. By measuring the road surface and road deck temperatures every ten minutes, traffic engineers can take immediate action to keep the transportation network and assets in shape and traffic moving. StreetSense also shows city planners how a street design affects the heat

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boatsense dashboard

Renewed BoatSense web dashboard

Our BoatSense web dashboard has been updated and provides an even more complete and clearer picture of current and historical boat movement data. The design of the dashboard was upgraded. Operators can now also set the text of the sailing direction per measuring point. We were able to better map the measured speed of vessels

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