Transport Network Monitoring in the IoT Age

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making a mark in traffic and transport monitoring. Mobility Sensing is leading the way by developing, deploying and operating new generation IoT sensor networks. Our sensor networks are based on compact, fully autonomous, ultra-low-power IoT sensor pods, that are easy to install and budget friendly to operate. This allows us to deploy and operate high resolution sensor networks, producing live, rich data on the state of all your bridges.

Proven Solution

BridgeSense has been operational since 2017 on more than 120 moveable bridges in The Netherlands. Each bridge is equipped with multiple sensors that are continuously monitored.

Introducing BridgeSense

BridgeSense is designed to take every moveable bridge online at minimum costs. Compact autonomous sensor pods report state changes of road barriers and warning lights. The pods can be installed in minutes, and immediately bring your bridge online. Every bridge opening is reported to all popular traffic and navigation applications, both on smartphone and in-dash.

Live and historic bridge data is conveniently presented in a secure web dashboard in lists, charts and maps. You can filter and export all the data for further analysis. Live data can be ingested into other information systems using the BridgeSense API.

Have a Go!

There are three ways to use BridgeSense:

  • Budget – We provide one device that you install yourself. Once installed every opening and closure of your bridge is registered. You can view and export bridge opening data in the web dashboard.
  • Regular – We install 2 or more sensor pods on your bridge. Bridge openings are reported in real-time to BGV/NDW. We continuously monitor the operational status of the sensor pods and swap faulty and missing pods on time.
  • Pro – We install and maintain the BridgeSense Pro Box in the machine room of your bridge. The Pro Box optically reads I/O signals from the bridge control system to produce rich live data on the openings, the state and performance of the bridge (KPIs).


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