BoatSense contract for Zuid-Holland waterways extended by 1.5 years

Great news this month: the contract for monitoring on almost all main waterways has been extended by 1.5 years by the Province of Zuid-Holland. Mobility Sensing has been monitoring the main waterways in the Province of Zuid-Holland for a number of years. BoatSense has been operational on the Gouwe and Oude Rijn since 2018 and since 2021 the Rhine-Schie Canal and Delftse Schie waterways have also been monitored as well. The BoatSense sensors thus provide a complete picture of all sailing movements on all main waterways of the Province of Zuid-Holland.

The sensors literally signal any change in the situation on the waterway in Zuid-Holland. The installed sensors not only count and measure all vessels on the waterways, but also provide important information about vessel length, speed and direction. Waterway managers can use this data for optimizing bridge and lock operation and policy analyses among other things. A real-time data feed ensures that the data is clearly displayed in a secure web dashboard in the form of lists, graphs and maps

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