Easy maintenance and new dual powerpack StreetSense devices

Mobility Sensing recently serviced all StreetSense devices that are in operation in The Netherlands. Not only were the devices checked for proper effectivity, they also received a fresh power bank. The clever modular design of the StreetSense casing allows field engineers to quickly take the devices out of the sleeve, embedded in the road surface. By using the StreetSense installation tool and by removing the bolts, the devices can be swivelled out easily. The power bank can then be accessed by removing the bottom lid of the device and the rugged power bank connector allows rapid and secure swapping of the power bank. The whole process, from removing to placing back the device, takes less than 5 minutes. The removed power banks are disassembled by Mobility Sensing. Connectors are reused and batteries are recycled guaranteeing a circular maintenance process. With the new dual power pack, that fits in any StreetSense version, the battery life can be expanded to 2-4 years.

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