Mobility Sensing News

Two boats on their way to pass below the Magere Brug crossing the Amstel river.

All main waterways in South Holland monitored by BoatSense

BoatSense is specially designed to count and measure all passing vessels on a waterway. It provides a complete picture of traffic on a canal or river, including information about vessel length, speed and heading, and signals any change in situation on the waterway. The live and historical data is clearly presented in a secure web

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Traffic jam on a highway for an open bridge. Cars are waiting side by side for the red traffic lights.

Mobility Sensing wins tender for collection and delivery of bridge data

Mobility Sensing has been selected by National Road Traffic Data Portal (NDW) as data partner for the collection and delivery of bridge data (bridge-open / bridge-closed) of 141 bridges for the next 3 years. This is important data for road authorities such as Rijkswaterstaat and provinces to better inform road users about bridge openings. Mobility

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