Smart streets warn road users about unsafe driving conditions

Smart Mobility players Mobility Sensing and Monotch are joining forces to bring safety-related traffic information from street sensors directly into the car. Every street equipped with a StreetSense sensor pod from Mobility Sensing can monitor traffic and the local road surface condition in real-time. By linking the sensor to Monotch’s TLEX data exchange platform, the street itself can publish warnings about dangerous traffic situations. The warnings are immediately available in-car to road users via the traffic information and navigation services connected to TLEX. The companies will start publishing slipperiness warnings via TLEX so that road users can be immediately informed about locally dangerous road conditions in critical locations such as on bridges and viaducts, frost-sensitive road segments and streets that have not yet been gritted. This allows road users to better anticipate unsafe driving conditions.

Benefits for road authorities
Road authorities already receive valuable data from the StreetSense sensor pods for managing their streets. Each StreetSense pod not only counts traffic, but also continuously monitors the temperature of the road surface and road surface, reports whether the road surface is dry or wet, and whether there is still enough road salt. Thanks to the collaboration between Mobility Sensing and Monotch, critical live information from StreetSense will now be available to road users, ultimately increasing road safety. In addition to road surface-related information, other safety-related traffic information can be provided to road users, such as warnings for slow-moving and stationary traffic.

Seizing the opportunities of IoT technology
Monotch and Mobility Sensing use the latest data and sensor technology. By providing road operators and road users with road information, they see opportunities to improve road safety and traffic flow. IoT technology has the potential to bring every part of the road network online. By linking the sensor pods to Monotch’s TLEX platform, essential data can be provided to both road authorities and road users. The technology has now proven itself as a fully-fledged alternative to conventional sensor technology.

Jointly unlocking data
Mobility Sensing and Monotch share the vision that all safety-related traffic information from IoT sensors should be made available to road users as open data. They invite road authorities and other IoT sensor providers to join this initiative. The neutral data exchange platform TLEX can in principle unlock data from all roadside systems and sensors and forward it to service providers, regardless of vendor.

Paul Potters of Monotch indicates that the possibilities of a ‘connected’ world are enormous, both for governments and for business. “But if we want these solutions to be used by the general public, we need to bridge the gaps between data sources, transactions and services.”

“StreetSense has already proven itself as an affordable solution that provides road authorities with valuable live data about every street. Through the partnership with Monotch, the most critical information now becomes available to the road user, straight from the sensor directly into the car.”

About Monotch
Monotch is the C-ITS data aggregator that enables secure, sustainable and efficient transport. In order to achieve this, the company provides the Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform to cities and road authorities. TLEX is a highly scalable platform specifically designed to connect roadside equipment with service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities and ultimately road users. All these connections are bi-directional, available continuously, in real-time and supplier-independent. For more information, see

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