StreetSense goes international

Recently Mobility Sensing has won a first major export order for StreetSense. After a successful pilot in 2020 in the Norwegian municipality of Gjesdal, 5 other Norwegian municipalities have now also decided to install StreetSense.

In the pilot in Gjesdal, in which the Streetsense sensors were used to collect data for traffic counts and anti-icing conditions, the main focus was on testing the robustness of the sensors. But because the sensor data offered much more surprising insights, the pilot was further expanded on the advice of the municipality with measurements in order to derive an average traffic speed. The gritting trucks of the municipality could also be used more efficiently. Based on the data collected by StreetSense, the municipality was able to better estimate whether gritters should drive to the high-altitude ski area; which saved them a 2 hour drive at a time. Gjesdal is now going to further expand the number of StreetSense sensors. And based on Gjesdal’s experiences, 5 other municipalities in Norway have also decided to order StreetSense.

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